Why Ellethy PLast

The first element:  Ellethy company is specialized in plastic pipe industry for more than twenty years, proudly  we depend on the manpower specialized in the same field and is keen on continuing training for all individuals.

The second element: Thanks to the training, scientific research and the development of stepped production company reached the best results and has been able to innovate for all the problems that were experienced by all sectors using PVC pipe solutions.

The third element: the the raw materials is selected from best specialized manufacturers of raw materials for plastics PP global companies - PE - PEHD - PELD and colors to maintain the quality standards

The fourth element: the company has developed the production process environment to become sterile,equipped environment and healthy to increase product quality level, that made Ellethy company one of the most featured producers in  plastic pipe industry and got confidence from different sectors of the cosmetics industry - pharmaceutical - chemicals and hotel sector.

Our Products

Production process occurs through the production lines;

1. Production line of plastic tubes

2. Production line of tubes laminate

3. Production line of injection

4. Production line of injection and molding

With a series of our successes in the manufacture and production plastic packages we are always working to make sure that our products conformity to international standards and fit the tastes of consumers so we're always strive to achieve the highest quality standards

Our Customers

Our clients are the best workers in the following sectors;

1.Medical industry


3.Chemicals and detergents

4.Hotel equipment

Our portfolio  (Ellethy Plast) includes the names of the largest local companies who trust in our name to mobilize their products and we believe our customers are our partners in order to provide plastic containers that meet their requirements and satisfy their needs and work efficiently with their final product.

Ellethy Plast

As Egyptians we are dreaming of  supporting the local & regional and the global industry. We seek to raise up our country's name hight by reduction of import from abroad and raising the brand of the principle of ( Made in Egypt ). In order to achieve all of this, We established this company in 6 October extracts 20 years of experience and professional in plastic field in general and in producing plastic tubes especially.

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Our Company

Every company should be this way

Outstanding Products, Outstanding Support, Outstanding Business Ethics...Every company should follow these rules .High quality products, Quick implementation, Professionalization. 


We print tubes up to 6 colors with different sizes start from 19 mm to 50 mm

We use the best plastic raw materials, PP,PE,PELD,high density PEHD.



Ellethy plast

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TEL: 02/38204548

FAX: 02/38204548

MOB.: 01154244777-01223482187

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